Established in 2016, Recess Theatre is a performing arts studio based in Robbinsville, New Jersey. We strive to bring quality theatre education to the central New Jersey area, providing new opportunities to create, dream, and further the art of acting. 

Recess Theatre's Studio builds appreciation for the performing arts by involving youth in all aspects of theatre--onstage, offstage, in classrooms, and in the audience. We hope to inspire young talent by providing new and challenging opportunities in the theatrical process.







We Love Theatre

Theatre has the unique ability to enrich the lives of performers and audiences alike. Theatre allows people to use their imagination to explore big ideas and develop valuable skills. We strive to provide the community with wholesome entertainment at affordable prices to further enrich the experience for our community, our audiences, and our students.

We Build Communities

Our goal is to encourage particpants to build positive connections with their peers as well as the community at large. Theatre has the ability to bring people together for a night of entertainment while strengthening connections in the central New Jersey area. 

Education Empowers

We believe the word "entertainment" means not just to please, but also to teach. Theatre is the powerful tool we use to strengthen empathy in our students, audiences and world. Additionally, by providing classes led by professional theatre artists, students will foster creativity, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and collaboration. 

Recess was always the best part of the day in elementary school. It was the time to unwind from the usual work that school presented. During recess, the world was at your fingertips; the slides were the moats filled with hungry alligators who guarded the castle, the monkey bars were the safe passage over the blistering lava, the swing sets could lift you up to the clouds. Recess meant freedom to explore the world through imagination and play. 

Here at Recess Theatre, the element of play is fundamental to our process. After all, they are called plays for a reason. By fostering a playful attitude in classes, rehearsals, and performances, we believe we can expand imaginations, enhance perspectives, and dive deeper into empathy. You can never hope to understand anyone, whether it is a character onstage or a fellow human on Earth, without being able to expand your own imagination and try to see the world as they do. 

We believe strongly in the old adage, "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life." We constantly strive to do what we love, and we hope to continue giving outlets for our students, actors, directors, designers, and audiences to do what they love as well. 

So please, come play. The bell has rung, and Recess has only just begun.